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There's a Town in Brazil With Nothing But Women . . . And They Need Single Men

Aug 28, 2014 -- 9:13am


There's a small town in southeast Brazil called Noiva do Cordeiro that's incredibly unique.  The entire population is WOMEN.   About 600 women live there, and most of them are under 35.  (The town's pronounced Noi-ay-va doo cord-AIR-oh.)

It was founded by a woman in 1891 after the Catholic Church excommunicated her for leaving her husband.  Then she took in OTHER women who were kicked out of their towns, like prostitutes.

That's how the tradition started anyway.  These days, men are basically BANNED . . . there are a few husbands, but they're only allowed in town on weekends.  And sons are sent away at 18.

So the women run everything . . . and one woman there says, quote, "it's prettier, more organized, and far more harmonious than if men were in charge."

There's only one problem.  A lot of the women are single and lonely . . . so they're considering opening up the town to men for the first time ever.

A 23-year-old woman says, quote, "The only men we single girls meet are either married or related to us, everyone is a cousin.  We all dream of falling in love and getting married, but we like living here and don't want to have to leave."

Cops Catch a Wanted Criminal After He Posts an Ice Bucket Challenge Video

Aug 26, 2014 -- 9:25am


Is there anything the Ice Bucket Challenge CAN'T do?  It continued its run as a force for good by transitioning into a new role this weekend . . . FIGHTING CRIME.

20-year-old Jesean Morris of Omaha, Nebraska is a convicted felon who shot and injured two men a few years ago.  He's out of prison now, but violated his parole and had a warrant out for his arrest.

But last week, someone challenged Jesean to take the Ice Bucket Challenge . . . so he took a video dumping ice on his head, then posted it on Facebook.  Someone spotted the video, recognized the house . . . and tipped off the police.

They headed out to the house where Jesean shot the video on Friday, and saw him driving away.  They pulled over the car and arrested him . . . after he spat on one cop and damaged the cop car.

He's been charged with a parole violation, assaulting an officer with bodily fluid, criminal mischief, resisting arrest, and criminal impersonation.

And since he seems like an all-around bad person, we're guessing he's one of those people who dumped the ice on his head to avoid donating money to fight ALS.

An Old Woman Gets Hurt Inside a Corn Maze . . . So Paramedics Have to Quickly Solve the Maze and Rescue Her

Aug 21, 2014 -- 9:06am


Ever done a corn maze?  They can be surprisingly hard and REALLY frustrating . . . like, once you're a little bit in, you just kinda want to get the hell out of there.  Now imagine doing one in a CRITICAL situation.

An elderly woman in Braintree, England was doing a corn maze with her family on Tuesday, when she FELL and broke her arm.  So her family called 911.

The paramedics knew they had to get her to the hospital quickly because of her age.  But to make that happen, they had to SOLVE the maze . . . and do it fast.

Fortunately, these paramedics turned out to be exceptional at problem solving and spatial reasoning . . . they managed to get to the woman and stretcher her out without TOO many maze-related delays.

The woman was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

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