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Not the Right TIME....Animal Sounds....BIG Tuesday Show!

May 14, 2012 -- 3:16pm



Hope all the mom's had a wonderful day yesterday but as we've said before,
every day should be Mother's Day...I tell my mom that daily....and thanks
for the 100 bucks you send me every week too, mom. (haha)...

We totally forgot about this til Michelle brought it up...Jennifer Hudson
may have some closure...William Balfour, the estranged husband of her
sister Julia, has been found guilty of killing the actress' mother,
brother, and 7-year-old nephew. Hopefully this will help Jennifer sleep a
little better at night.

Donna from Lancaster aka "fellow Gleek" took home Monday's Glee prize
pack...don't forget to watch the 2 hour season finale tomorrow night on
Fox 43...and then correctly answer our question Wednesday morning and
possibly win something cool from Southwest Airlines!

Have you seen the latest cover of TIME Magazine? It's a picture of a woman
and what appears to be her son, somewhere between the age of 3-5, and the
boy's mouth on his mom's breast which is quite visible. Well, we jumped
head first, fully clothed too, into this discussion. Is TIME in the right
or wrong here? Comment now at

Got ya caught up on the Celebrity Apprentice, The Kardashians, and more
during your "Reality Recap!" Khloe, not a Kardashian?? I know....gonna
lose sleep over this one.

Immediately following Reality Recap, it was time for more Showroom
Showdown qualifying! Cindy from Lancaster is all set to join us June 1 at
Smith Village and Home Furnishings in Jacobus. Cindy was lucky caller 25
and you could be next! Cindy also picked some free Regal Cinemas passes
for getting qualified.

All week we have family 4-packs to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Halifax.
You have to be caller 25 and give us your best animal sound....Sherry from
Lititz did her best pig...either it was a pig or she may have a small case
of sleep apnea...just kidding. Congrats Sherry!

Penn...yes "the" Penn from Penn Cinemas swung by as he does every Monday
with his weekend box office update and to let us know what to expect in
the near future at the big ol' theater in Lititz. "The Dictator" opens
this Wednesday!

Coming up tomorrow...Tuesday...we're jam packed again! Lots of chances to
win, at around 7:30-7:40, yours truly will getting tramp stamped and spray
tanned, and then of course it's.....5 Seconds of Free Air time....!! All
that and so much more!

Thanks for listening AND reading!

"Live, Laugh, Love, LOCALLY!"

-Bryan Jordan

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