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Spray Tanned Bryan....5 Seconds of Fun....HUGE "CHO" TOMORROW!

May 15, 2012 -- 1:52pm


Hello fellow Tuesday people! I now officially feel like a cast member of the Jersey Shore! Move over, Pauly D! Yours truly was spray tanned for the first time this morning...more on that later....

Liz from Dallastown showcased her GLEE knowledge early on today and snagged a GLEE prize pack! She has her popcorn ready for Part 1 of the big finale which starts tonight. Pay close attention to the finale tonight, because tomorrow morning we will ask a question about it, answer it correctly and it could get you something cool from Southwest Airlines valued at $750!

Then it was onto the top baby names.....and once again, Michelle's oldest daughter's name "Sophia" topped the list....she didn't seem that thrilled...haha. Umm, time for a name change? Kidding....beautiful name!

It's really impossible to watch EVERY reality show....SO, leave all that to us! Today, we caught you up on the season premiere of America's Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars and more! And then right after that, Bob from Lancaster put himself into the Showroom Showdown! Now, we'll see how lucky he is June 1 at Smith Village!

After 7:30 it was TANNING TIME! We welcomed Jaclyn from "A Glow 2 Go" into the studio. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first, but my first spray tan went over pretty well...I must say I'm pretty bronzed and ready for summer! Jaclyn was lots of fun and would love to spray tan you! for more info! You can see pics on the B-Club Facebook page right nice! :)

Despite being jam packed, we managed to squeeze in "5 Seconds of Free Air-time." One of the best, if not the best feature of the week...ok, I'm a tad bias. Thanks again for those of you who reached out for that!

Congrats to Dawn from Lancaster on picking up a family 4-pack to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Halifax! Dawn gave us a decent sounding lion...what are you gonna bring tomorrow? Another 4-pack comes your way soon!

Coming back on hump day-Wednesday in a big way with comedian Margaret Cho! Gonna be a BIG CHO...umm, show! Plenty of winning too!

Thanks for listening/reading!

"Live, Laugh, Love, LOCALLY!"

-Bryan Jordan

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