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Drink Coffee And.......Sketchers Refund.....FOOD FIGHT!!

May 17, 2012 -- 5:17pm



Here WE ARE!! Pushing through a Thursday and heading towards
Friday....ummm, sorry, "Flashback Friday!"

Can I get a "YES" from all my coffee drinkers?!!? After years of waffling
research on coffee and health, with some fears that coffee might raise the
risk of heart disease, a big study finds the opposite! Get
drinkers are more likely to live longer...REGULAR OR DECAF! I will raise
my cup to that!

Do you wear Sketchers toning shoes? Own multiple pairs?? Well, due to
false advertising, you may be able to score a refund! Yup...apparently
there was really "no toning" taking place, leading to a settlement...
#chaching - wanna know more? Go to the Michelle Cruz page....M-Cruz may be
getting a few bucks back...lunch on her next week!

Mike from Lancaster better make sure his calendar is cleared on June 1
because he will be at the Showroom Showdown, looking to take home a
roomful of furniture! Nice job, Mikey! Enjoy those free Regal Cinemas
passes too and please share your popcorn!

So, yours truly, has a family reunion coming up in my fam but
not really a fan of, I want to thank you all, who chimed in
with creative excuses to help me get out of one for me? Never
too late to drop Thanks!

Jessica from Spring Grove has some summer plans....she picked up a family
4-pack of Lake Tobias tickets...enjoy the wildlife! Jessica gave us her
best monkey---so good, I thought I at Tobias!

Of course we were Scandalous at 6:15 and 8:15...and Michelle informed us
of J-LO announcing that this is it for her on Idol...hmm, is Kara coming
back? No, they're not that stupid.

I'm not a big fan of drama or confrontations for that matter...and as much
as I love food, you will definitely never see me FIGHT over
it...apparently a local man has a special soft spot in his heart for crab
legs, so much that he attacked another patron because he ate the last crab
leg...OH NO HE DIDN'T??? Umm, yes he did, with it! You've
heard about controlling your bout controlling your

Flashback Friday returns tomorrow....! Wow, that was fast! AND the weather
is looking fab! Great White Mennonite, Lake Tobias tickets and more!

Thanks for listening/reading!

-Bryan Jordan

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